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Streamline teaching and learning with NUITEQ Snowflake and Canvas LMS integration

Integrating NUITEQ Snowflake and Canvas LMS provides a powerful solution for teachers and students who want to streamline teaching and learning and achieve better learning outcomes.

With its seamless integration, powerful educational tools, and unified learning experience, this integration can help schools and educational institutions provide high-quality education to their students.


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Simplified workflow

With streamlined single sign-on and data synchronization, you can easily access NUITEQ Snowflake's interactive teaching tools and resources within Canvas, making it more convenient for you and your students to use.

Enhanced interactivity

When integrated with Canvas LMS, instructors can embed NUITEQ Snowflake activities directly into their Canvas courses, allowing students to engage with interactive content right from within the LMS.

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A place for students

Students can access NUITEQ Snowflake lesson activities and complete assignments directly in Canvas.

Less time spent grading, more time for teaching

Easily connect to Speed Grader in Canvas.

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