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Why Your Educational YouTube Videos Need Complimentary Activities

Teachers love using educational videos in their classrooms.

The search for learning-related videos gathered over a billion views in 2017, according to YouTube. The need for YouTube educational videos is on the rise; many teachers use YouTube videos at the beginning or end of their classes to motivate students. YouTube even put together a $20 million fund to support YouTube Learning, an initiative aiming to support credible sources of information and creators who make educational content (also called EduTubers).


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While most teachers are required to align what they teach to educational standards, most educational YouTube videos follow the interests of the video creator. Also, students tend to forget a lot of what they watch. So how can we improve the retention of the materials shown in Educational YouTube videos?

One of the biggest challenges of educational standards is getting students interested in the topics that need to be taught. This is one of the areas where educational YouTubers have the most considerable advantage because they typically make videos only on topics that interest them. The question is, how do we combine the engagement that you get with popular educational videos with the curriculum standards that need to be taught in classrooms?

One approach is to write the curriculum standards directly into the video description itself. This way, anyone searching for that particular standard on YouTube should be able to find your content. However, most teachers don’t search based on the code of the standard.

A better approach is to combine the expertise of the Teacher with the skills of the EduTuber. That is, have a teacher create lessons or activities that fit with the educational video and align to curriculum standards. Where do we find these teachers? How much would that cost?

How to get free complimentary lesson activities for your educational YouTube video


Image Source: Unsplash

What if you could have a team of teachers working on making complimentary lesson activities for your already published educational YouTube videos free of charge? How many more views, subscriptions, and watch time would you get to your channel if your videos were shown in classrooms in over 70 countries? What if there was a site frequented by Teachers that promoted your channel and made your videos accessible?

The answer is simple. NUITEQ Snowflake is an educational software that uses video as support for interactive activities. Schools all over the world are using the software. Our Global Content Department of Teachers is actively working on creating ready-made interactive lesson activities that can be used with the software and its online version. Each activity can be linked to a video that students watch before playing it.

To create engaging, interactive activities, we have started using (with permission) videos from EduTubers such as Socratica Kids, Physics Girl, Minute Earth, and more.

Here’s one example of a YouTube video by Minute Earth

eating babies thumb

Here is a complimentary lesson activity made for it


And here is a printable worksheet that goes with it:

We believe there is a lot of educational content on YouTube that has potential in today’s classrooms. We’re looking to collaborate with EduTubers that also see the classroom as the starting point for many lifelong subscribers.

If you’re an EduTuber who makes compelling learning content, and feel that together with NUITEQ Snowflake, you can better answer to your audience’s needs, get in contact by clicking the button below:

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