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Why is collaborative learning important?


Today, we observe a huge growth in classroom technology, and with it, the introduction of new learning methodologies. One example, that edtech encourages, is collaborative learning.

The best learning happens when children are actively involved in a project. Collaborative learning is an approach that encourages students to create groups and work together to solve a given problem. There are several benefits learners get when working in a group setting, which we explore next:

1. Developing social skills

Collaborative learning makes students with different backgrounds, race, or up bringing, to work together. They come together in a setting that maybe would not be possible if it were not for collaborative learning. In order to solve a project’s given problem, children need to communicate. They are able to hear different opinions and learn more about different cultures. The collaborative learning methodology is ideal for children that have difficulties in a social setting.

2. Learn from peers

Generally, people have different skills, passions, and knowledge. In a small collaborative group, when a question is raised, different students can have different answers and children can learn new things from one another, but also understand different perspectives.

3. Build trust

In order to achieve a goal, students need to work together. They can work together without trusting each other, but for an effective collaboration and to reach a common goal, they need to learn to trust each other.

4. Engage in learning

In a small group setting, each student has the opportunity to express her or his ideas. Being able to do so, and being heard can give the feeling of importance and value. The learning experience becomes more fun, and students are eager to learn more.

5. Gain confidence

As students work as a team, they also receive more support, therefore gain confidence. Collaborative learning can help shy students express themselves more.

If you believe the collaborative learning method can help your students, you should definitely introduce it in your classroom. And if you’re looking for an edtech tool that can help with it, you can download a 14 days FREE trial of Snowflake MultiTeach® by clicking the button below:

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