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Webinar: Strategies For a Smooth School Start Using EdTech

Strategies webinar announcement

The beginning of a new school year can bring out a lot of different feelings in students, parents, and teachers.

Many are excited, but some are anxious and stressed.

As summer is - for many schools - the time for change, teachers and students are often welcomed back with new technologies in their classroom. As exciting as education technology can be, it is also somewhat daunting for certain teachers, students, and even parents. If you’re one of them or if you simply need inspiration about how to use EdTech to engage students, make lessons more fun and collaborative, you came to the right place.

Our Education Technology Specialist and former Teacher, Myrto Pitsava put together the “Strategies For A Smooth School Start Using EdTech" webinar, to help you learn how to use EdTech to your advantage. The webinar will be live on September 5th at 3 pm CEST (2 pm London).

In this webinar you will learn how to use EdTech:

  • To start the school year on the right foot
  • To create a safe environment for your students
  • To make creating, organizing, and sharing lessons easier and less time-consuming
  • To make learning a collaborative, creative, and fun experience for students
  • And much, much more!

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