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Uncover the Puzzles, Match It, and Gravitoy Apps In Snowflake MultiTeach®

This video provides an overview of three of Snowflake MultiTeach’s built-in apps for elementary or primary students, Puzzles, Match It, and Gravitoy, and includes a demonstration of how the apps can be used along with other apps and lessons from the MultiTeach Lessons Community using the Zones feature to further extend the MultiTeach learning experience.

The Puzzles app provides many types of puzzles that correspond to topics such as the human body, animals, sports, jobs, and countries. This app is useful for preschool and early elementary students.

The Match It app is a form of a memory game, where students must recall the location of paired items, supporting visual memory skills. This app provides games about colors, shapes, animals, monuments, sports, vegetables, and jobs, and many of the topics can be selected by the difficulty level.

Gravitoy is an interactive physics application where students can play around with basic concepts related to gravity. They can create shapes and link shapes, then experiment with gravity and directional settings using a widget. This app can support visual reasoning skills.

All three apps can be used by students working in pairs or small groups to encourage collaborative skills in a fun way.

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