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Technology is in the Unique Position to Help with Education Equity

Dr. Lynch is the founder of The Edvocate and the Tech Edvocate and is known as one of the top influencers in education and technology. In the video below, featured on the #EdOnEdTech YouTube channel, Dr. Matthew Lynch shares how technology can be used by schools to promote equitable access to educational resources for students, teachers, and communities. Dr. Lynch’s words of wisdom are worth heeding.

Dr. Matthew Lynch’s experiences as an educator in his home state of Mississippi strongly influenced his career path as a Professor, Author, Advocate and Futurist. He knows first-hand the multiple challenges school districts face, given limited budgets tasked to educate students whose families face financial hardships. Through his experience, Dr. Lynch has learned how school districts can plan ahead to get the best deals for their money.

Dr. Lynch suggests that the large sums of money school districts spend on traditional textbooks would be better spent on technology and free or low-cost online educational resources. He urges school districts to search for cost-saving measures such as e-rates, bulk rates, discount rates for hardware and software. Deep discounts can be negotiated that will put iPads or other 1:1 devices in the hands of every student. Bottom line, educational technology is cheaper than the traditional publishing house offerings, and can help with solving today’s issues such as education equity.

There is a growing number of school districts who have made significant changes in the way they serve students who have limited means and limited access to the Internet, points out Dr. Lynch. These changes include providing WiFi in public housing neighborhoods and on school buses. School district leaders, aiming to make similar changes, can take a careful look at how funds are currently spent. He suggests that, when resources are allocated, effective planning can can free up money for what is most important. In this way, school districts can work to provide educational opportunities for all.

How adopting NUITEQ Snowflake MultiTeach can support education equity

Snowflake MultiTeach® comes bundled with certain brands of multi-user, multi-touch displays and tables, with free updates, free web-based training resources, and no annual subscription fee. The initial investment for just one display goes a long way.

  • Teachers and students can access thousands of free interactive, game-like lessons on the MultiTeach Lessons Community.
  • Lessons on the MultiTeach Lessons Community can be accessed through the Lessons app in MultiTeach or through Lessons Online, on any device with internet access, anytime, anywhere. Several of the 15 lesson templates support the input of text, audio, and video, making it a great platform for teachers and students to create and share lessons on-the-go. This is ideal for schools who have implemented a 1:1 program.
  • Content created using MultiTeach and Lessons Online is shareable, and makes it easy for teachers and curriculum specialists to share their best work with colleagues across the school district, and even the world.

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Snowflake MultiTeach

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