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Snowflake MultiTeach’s Media App and Matching Activities

The Media App in Snowflake MultiTeach is a multi-user, multimedia tool that is often used for presenting digital content such as images, text, and video for use in instruction in K-12 settings. It also can be used to support open-ended learning activities for preschool-age children and those who have special cognitive needs.

Students benefit from exploring content, and the Media App is ideal for supporting open-ended exploration. In the example pictured below, students are working on learning how to match colors to colors and colors to items of the same colors.


Depending on the needs of the students, teachers can quickly create content for planned learning sessions, or on-the-fly, using content they have previously selected and loaded into Media project folders. Below are some examples of the types of content to have on hand for similar matching exploration activities:

  • Picture to Same Picture
  • Picture to Similar Picture
  • Picture to Same Picture with Text
  • Picture to Similar Picture with Text
  • Picture with Text to Picture with Text
  • Picture to Text

Here is a short video that explains how this example can be set up in MultiTeach:


The Media App can be used in Zones with the Lessons App, to provide access to lessons that correspond with the same or similar learning objectives, as pictured below:

matching in zones

The Zones feature allows teachers to save apps and lessons, retaining the same configuration for future use. This makes it ideal for use during front-of-class activities or in situations where MultiTeach is accessed in tabletop mode as a learning station.

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