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Sanfilippo's Syndrome Is Complicated, Helping Is Easy

Sanfilippo's disease (MPS III) is a disease that belongs to the group of MPS diseases and can be inherited. There is currently no cure for MPS III.

MPS diseases are rare metabolic illnesses caused by a lack of various enzymes, that are involved in the degradation of several substances in the body. Affected children generally do not show any signs or symptoms at birth. In early childhood, they begin to develop gradual disability and loss of various learned skills. In the later stages of this disorder, they may develop seizures and movement disorders.

Unfortunately, patients with Sanfilippo syndrome usually die in their adolescence years or during early adulthood.

The efforts are, therefore, as much as possible, focused on counteracting the medical complications as well as trying to facilitate everyday life so that the quality of life of the child and the family is as good as possible.

In the above video, we meet Isak, who is suffering from this disease. Learn more about this story, and if you feel fortunate to be healthy, perhaps you want to contribute by donating a to the Swedish MPS association.

Any donation is appreciated.

For Swedes, you can donate via Swish or via Plus giro:

MPS Swish account 1232370443

MPS Plus giro account: 1615870-1

If and when you leave a donation, please write the following message: "Till ISAK och MPS-föreningen."

For more information about the Sanfilippo syndrome, please visit:

- in English: http://www.mpssociety.org.uk

- in Swedish: http://www.mpsforeningen.se

If you want to learn more about the Sanfilippo syndrome or support those that are affected by the disease, you can also look up your national MPS association.

A big thanks to the people and companies for their donations to the family.