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PhET Simulations and Puzzle Now Available in NUITEQ Snowflake

NUITEQ Snowflake is the teaching and learning platform where educators can access curriculum-aligned content and easy-to-use tools that activate students for greater engagement.

With the latest update, the online version of NUITEQ Snowflake now offers access to two new lesson activity templates: PhET Simulations and Puzzle. With PhET Simulations and Puzzle users can engage in interactive learning experiences that promote accessibility and higher-order thinking skills aligned with the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and the Universal Design for Learning (UDL)  frameworks. This flexibility allows students to take control of and better engage in their learning experience.

PhET Simulations - lesson activity template

NUITEQ announced its partnership with PhET Interactive Simulations, a University of Colorado Boulder project, a year ago. This partnership has enabled PhET Simulations to be used as content in lesson and lesson plans within NUITEQ Snowflake, providing students with game-like simulations for Math and Science that allow for “lab” experiences anytime and anywhere. As a recent development, PhET Simulations are now also available in the online version of NUITEQ Snowflake as a new lesson activity template.


By allowing access to PhET simulations in NUITEQ Snowflake, our platform's alignment with the UDL and DOK frameworks strengthens as these simulations are consistent with the principles of both frameworks.

PhET Simulations support the DOK framework's higher-order thinking skills, specifically levels 2 and 3, as students analyze, evaluate, and apply scientific and mathematical concepts. Through PhET simulations, students can explore cause-and-effect relationships, make predictions, analyze data, and draw conclusions. These activities require students to think critically and apply their understanding to solve problems, which are skills that align with DOK levels 2 and 3.

In terms of UDL, PhET Simulations provide multiple means of representation, action, and expression. The simulations present concepts in various ways, such as visual representations and interactive models, making it easier for students with diverse learning styles to understand and engage with the content. Additionally, the simulations allow students to experiment and manipulate variables, providing a hands-on learning experience accessible and engaging to various students. 

Join the teachers already using NUITEQ Snowflake and create engaging and accessible learning experiences for all your students today!

NUITEQ Snowflake

Puzzle - lesson activity template

As a new lesson activity template in NUITEQ Snowflake, Puzzle is an excellent tool that can assist students in developing their logical reasoning skills, recognizing patterns, and analyzing information. These cognitive processes align with the UDL principle of "engagement". 


UDL's engagement principle emphasizes the importance of providing learning experiences that are interesting, motivating, and relevant to learners' lives. Teachers can enhance students' motivation and interest in the subject by engaging them in activities that involve logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and information analysis.

With the inclusion of Puzzle in NUITEQ Snowflake, teachers can now create engaging learning experiences by combining the traditional puzzle with multiple choice questions. This additional feature enhances Puzzle's educational value by allowing students to practice their critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Overall, integrating Puzzle in NUITEQ Snowflake is a valuable addition as it offers a fun and interactive way for students to enhance their cognitive abilities while learning new concepts. Moreover, aligning the Puzzle lesson activity template with UDL’s principle of engagement makes NUITEQ Snowflake a suitable platform for teachers looking to create and deliver lessons that promote higher-order thinking skills and cater to diverse students’ needs.

In conclusion, including PhET Simulations and Puzzle in the online version of NUITEQ Snowflake significantly enhances the platform. It allows for interactive and engaging learning experiences that promote higher-order thinking skills and cater to diverse students' needs. Closer aligned with the UDL and DOK frameworks, NUITEQ Snowflake becomes a great platform for teachers to create and deliver lessons that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and experimentation, providing students with the necessary skills for success in today's world.

Take teaching to the next level with NUITEQ Snowflake's latest additions - PhET Simulations and Puzzle!

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