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NUITEQ Talks Education at Innovation Africa

NUITEQ's VP of Strategy and Content, Dr. Edward Tse attended Africa’s Official Ministerial Summit, also known as Innovation Africa, to learn more about what the Ministry of Education has planned for the year ahead.

Held in Accra, Ghana, located along the Gulf of Guinea, Dr. Tse had the opportunity to attend Innovation Africa 2019 to talk about why technology is key to job growth in Africa and shed light on some of the challenges teachers are facing.

One of the highlights of the event was being able to show our support to one of NUITEQ’s partners, WOWBii Interactive, Africa’s first indigenous original equipment manufacturer of interactive touchscreens.

There, we demonstrated to attendees some of NUITEQ’s Snowflake video-linked lessons created by our Global Content Department and learned more about which policies improve learning and make a difference in the lives of teachers and students alike.

Watch the video to learn more about which priorities Africa’s Ministry of Education has in store for 2020.

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