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NUITEQ Sponsors Football Team’s Trip Abroad

Recently the boys’ football team (BSK 05/06 year) of the Bergsbyn school in Skellefteå travelled to Barcelona, Spain for a pre-season training camp. The coaches wanted to offer a fresh new start to the season with a structured training camp and daily program to allow the team to prepare well for the upcoming season.

During the six months before the trip, the members of the team organized diverse fundraisers to cover the costs of the trip.

It was a great learning experience to work hard and save for a goal they wanted to achieve, which is part of being a team.

NUITEQ helped with the fundraising by donating 10 000 SEK to the overall trip. This helped the team significantly and both the coaches and the boys were very appreciative of the support.

Giving back is in NUITEQ’s DNA, so we regularly try to help our local community through sponsoring and volunteering. Being in the field of education and daily making education fun for kids, it seemed just natural to help the boys in the BSK football team with their fundraising.

We feel privileged to be in a position, where we are able to give back to our local community, especially to kids who are our future. Running a business is not only about making money, but also about learning, having fun and being supportive. Our business is all about learning, having fun, personal development and preparing kids for the jobs of the future, so we are excited that we could support this initiative.”, says Harry van der Veen, NUITEQ CEO & co-founder.

The team have enjoyed one of their most successful seasons to date and are about to finish this season this month.

Below, you can see a few pictures telling the story of the team’s training camp abroad:


BSK football team ready to go to Barcelona, Spain.


Off-field theory work is just as important as on field training.


The team ready for training.


Hard work and preparation are key to any team sport.


You have to have some fun as well. It’s all about balance.


Successful trip!

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