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NUITEQ® partners with Creative Summit to Support “The Future of Work II” Event

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For the second consecutive year, and because we love collaborating with authentic organizations that encourage creativity, we’ve partnered with Creative Summit to support them in organizing the “The Future of Work II” event.

Creative Summit is a “mixture of a conference, workshop, party and some very secret ingredients that we are not allowed to mention.”. The conference has been around since 2007 and is the place where creative minds from all over the world gather to share knowledge, ideas and be inspired.

For its 11th edition, Creative Summit’s theme this year takes the same direction as last year, by looking deeper into the Future of Work.

The international speakers, who are invited this year, will try to answer questions such as:

- Why is it that as little as one out of ten people are actually engaged in their job? Is it leadership or the workplace that create this or something else?

- How does the ever-increasing role of AI and robots impact us as humans? What are the creative opportunities, what new skills do we need and will there even be jobs for all of us?

We are very excited to attend this year’s edition, especially because the overseas NUITEQ teams will join us. We are expecting to have a good time and learn new things.

For more information about the event, please visit www.creativesummit.org.

Want to get together during the event? Or do you think we can help you with your event? Get in touch today:

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