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NUITEQ Offers Kids In Uganda Safety And A Brighter Future

As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, NUITEQ® is involved in a number of charity and volunteering projects; amongst others, one in Uganda to rebuild the St. Annes school.

Recently we made a donation of 1000 reflectors to children attending the St. Annes school. The children currently walk from school to home in the dark, due to the lack of street lights alongside the roads.

kids using the reflectors at St. Anne School

As the company is passionate about education, kids and their safety, it felt like a natural fit to support this initiative with reflectors that kids place on their arm with the message “A GREAT START TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE. St Annes Preparatory School. www.stannes.se Powered by Nuiteq.com"

kids using the reflectors         

As part of our social responsibility program, in June 2018 we made our first donation to the St Annes School that covered a portion of the expenses of the school’s roof replacement.

In September 2018, our Director of Strategy and Content, Dr. Edward Tse, flew to Uganda to help out with the renovations by volunteering. We learned what education is like in Uganda and the truth about it.

Our Nigerian partner, WOWBii even made a big surprise to the St. Annes school as well, by donating a WOWBii touchscreen with NUITEQ’s Snowflake MultiTeach® software as well as training on how to use the technology in the classroom.

teachers with the new touch screen

Towards the end of 2018, NUITEQ made a donation for one of three security gates at the school complex, to offer students a safer learning environment.

If you would also like to support this school in Uganda, please visit the St Annes school website.


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