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NUITEQ®, Education, and Technology AMA

In case you missed it, here's a recording of last weeks #AMA with NUITEQ’s Director of Strategy, Dr. Edward Tse.

In this recording, you’ll find the answer to the following questions:

  • What do I do to be able to search Lessons based on curriculum standards?
  • Where do you see the technology in the classroom going in the next ten years?
  • Do you think that Snowflake MultiTeach will ever have a “pause” option when you are recording your screen? It would be helpful when you are needing to take a quick pause in your lesson, without having to create multiple recordings and tie them together.
  • What is a YTLL lesson (what does that mean) and how can I find them in Snowflake MultiTeach?
  • Are there any resources/best practices for teachers who are new to having an interactive display in their classroom and they want to increase student engagement and collaboration.
  • Difference between Lessons Online and the MultiTeach Community?
  • What tools/websites/applications are becoming more popular in the classroom?
  • Is Snowflake just for elementary school teachers? Or can it be used for higher grades as well?
  • What research is available that links interactive learning to increased student achievement?
  • Where does NUITEQ get its ideas for new features and options for Snowflake?
  • How do I copy an existing lesson so I can convert it into another lesson type and have both lessons? For example, I have a Cards lesson that I want to keep, but I also want to convert it into a Match lesson?
  • Hi, you may have visited schools around the world that want to use EdTech but haven't started using it yet or use it sparingly. What do you think are some obstacles schools come across and, more importantly, how do they work to overcome them?
  • Please tell me something about the best practices in regards to the MultiTeach application in higher education and the University environment.
  • What are your three favorite capabilities in Snowflake MultiTeach?

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions.

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