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NUITEQ® celebrates 9 year anniversary

Last Saturday the 4th of June we offiically turned 9 years old. 

First off, I want to start by thanking our partners, customers, fans, mentors, investors, bank Nordea and family team of employees. Without you, NUITEQ® wouldn't be where it is today.

The roots of our journey lead back to the second half of 2006. I was one of the first people in the world, that had engineered a collaborative multi-user touch display as a part of my Bachelor education Communication, Multimedia & Design in Holland. This was before Apple had launched their iPhone.

In April 2007, I was invited by the Luleå Technical University in Skellefteå to work on a research project related to multitouch technology, together with a group of local students.

In June, during our gradution project, we decided to start the company NUITEQ®, as we believed that multitouch technology would change the way we interacted with computers on a global scale.

Our business has pivoted a few times throughout the years from producing silicon rubber sheets, to creating DIY FTIR kits, to producing complete interactive hardware solutions with a piece of software, to eventually developing and licensing of software to touchscreen manufacturers, distributors and resellers.

Today we are an amazing venture capital backed team of brilliant, hard working, passionate and dedicated people in offices across Asia, Sweden and the US. We are excited to make working with digital content more fun, engaging and memorable with our software for collaborative multi-user touch screens.

It is our pleasure to serve partners and customers in over 70 countries and we are so delighted to work with the biggest innovative IT brands in the world.

I feel so blessed and lucky to wake up every morning with the luxury of being able to go to a job that I absolutely love. It is a pleasure and honour to work with such a great team, I'm so proud of them.


At NUITEQ®, we work hard and we play hard, thanks to our customers and partners.



A big thanks again to everyone that supports is on our journey.


On behalf of the entire NUITEQ® team,

Harry van der Veen