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NUITEQ® Appoints Teacher Celina Viner As Its Education Technology Specialist

Skellefteå, Sweden, 12 December 2018 – NUITEQ®, a collaborative software company that enables teams, organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to add value through smarter human interaction, announced today that it has appointed teacher Celina Viner as its Education Technology Specialist.


We are glad to add another resourceful teacher to reinforce NUITEQ’s international Educational Technology team.

In her role as NUITEQ Education Technology Specialist, Celina is responsible for creating educational content aligned to the UK curriculum. Her goal is to help create and deliver fun, engaging and challenging lessons for teachers and students that use NUITEQ’s Snowflake MultiTeach® and Lessons Online in their classroom.

Teachers and students all over the UK will be able to use her creations on their Clevertouch displays, laptops, and Chromebooks. By having Celina on the team, NUITEQ, together with its UK Partner, Clevertouch, will further enable educational institutions to add value through smarter human interaction.

Celina has 15 years of teaching experience at schools in Oxfordshire and London, UK. She is now living in Skellefteå, Sweden, where the NUITEQ HQ is situated. She is passionate about modeling the importance of lifelong learning and seeks out successful new ways to promote engagement and inclusion for all students.

Celina2“I have always believed that students, of all ages, learn the most effectively when they are engaged. Having the opportunity to work at NUITEQ on their Snowflake MultiTeach lessons is so exciting because I am able to develop a whole range of bite-sized lessons using technology and media with which students really connect. What is more, the NUITEQ team has blown me away with its awesome levels of creativity and energy. Having the opportunity to continue to be a practicing teacher whilst also collaborating with the NUITEQ team and wider community of educational professionals has taken my passion for learning and inspiring others to learn to a whole new level!”, says Celina Viner, NUITEQ Education Technology Specialist.

Besides her role at NUITEQ, she’s currently a teacher at Lejonströmsskolan, Skellefteå, Sweden.

Harry-1-807738-editedWe’re pleased that another teacher joined our team. One of the key areas for NUITEQ to work on is the creation of educational content, so Celina will play a pivotal part in this area. Her creativity combined with her passion for education make her a great fit for our team and I think the teachers and students in the UK will love the lessons she will create.”, says Harry van der Veen, NUITEQ CEO and co-founder.

In 2016, Celina was voted the most outstanding teacher by students and became a Specialist Leader in Education. Later, in 2017, she headed up the Burnet News Club which went on to win the national overall best school’s award.

She is also a committed ultra runner. In August 2016 she completed the 100 mileself-supported Thames footpath endurance race and was the third woman to finish.

Celina holds a Bachelor's in Geography from the University of Exeter, UK. She is currently enrolled in SFI (Swedish For Immigrants) to become literate in Swedish.

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NUITEQ® is a collaborative software company that enables teams, organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to add value through smarter human interaction. NUITEQ maximizes the use of any multitouch touchscreen with fully independent zones that can be used simultaneously. Its educational software empowers expressive learning through memorable digital storytelling. NUITEQ provides a safe environment for providing authentic feedback in collaborative settings. Its award-winning Snowflake software is used in over 70 countries.

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