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NUITEQ® Announces Strategy Change

NUITEQ®, a collaborative software company that enables teams, organizations, and businesses to add value through smarter human interaction, announced a change in its Strategy.

As part of the development of the NUITEQ Strategy, the company has created a new branding platform, which includes the launch of its new brand identity and redesigned website, NUITEQ.com.

The new corporate and product brands, as well as the launch of the new website, represent NUITEQ’s vision for the future as a company that believes in a collaborative world where anyone can participate, exchange, learn, and get inspired by smarter human interaction with no digital boundaries.

With over a decade of pioneering experience in developing natural user interfaces, the company has evolved from developing multitouch software into a solutions company that offers effective collaboration tools for three distinct markets: education, business, and entertainment.

The company’s objective with the rebrand and website redesign was to clearly communicate the change in Strategy. With the new identity of each of its products and the specific market they serve, NUITEQ's focus shifts from a product-oriented approach to a proactive, customer-centric value-based approach.

We at NUITEQ are so excited to have reached the 12th-anniversary milestone. We are appreciative of all our partners around the globe that we have been collaborating with to achieve this success. Without them, it wouldn’t have been possible, and we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our focus continues to be our collaboration with our partners to bring Smarter Human Interaction solutions to the market together.”, says NUITEQ’s CEO and co-founder Harry van der Veen. He continues: “With this rebrand, we want to communicate both internally as well as towards our partners and customers, that we are ready for the future. We want to become even more customer oriented by simplifying the branding for our customers and partners and build value from a customer perspective, speaking to different target groups and segments, including end-users, such as students, teachers, and business professionals.

More concretely, here are the changes:

Twitter Banner New Brand (2019) 600x200

NUITEQ keeps its brand name and logo, but NUITEQ’s visual identity and website have been reconceptualized and redesigned.

The visual identity is dominated by the color purple that uplifts, energizes, and stimulates creativity. We believe purple is in this way representing NUITEQ.

The redesigned website allows each type of visitor to find relevant information about the software solution they are looking for, whether this is for education, business, or entertainment.

Additionally, the site offers intuitive access to the support and training services the company provides, as well as information on the company’s culture and team.

See the new look

600x200-trio (1)

Snowflake MultiTeach and Lessons Online have been renamed to NUITEQ Snowflake. A new visual identity and logo accompany the name change.

Together the two products become one powerful educational technology software solution able to transform the classroom into an active learning environment.

Snowflake is designed to empower educators through free training and curriculum-aligned teaching resources. It helps reduce lesson planning time, offers the tools needed for personalized learning, and provides a safe environment for authentic feedback in a collaborative setting.

Bring interactivity to the classroom and engage today’s digital native students in learning through memorable digital storytelling.

Discover the new Snowflake here and its online version (previously Lessons Online) at snow.live.


Snowflake Business has been renamed into NUITEQ Flow. A new visual identity and logo accompany the name change.

With this new version of Flow, NUITEQ is further reimagining and redefining meeting room technology.

Flow improves the way you work with easy to use collaboration tools that help boost productivity, engagement, and creativity, and increase the value in human interactions in your team.

Discover Flow


Snowflake Entertainment has been renamed into NUITEQ Campfire. A new visual identity and logo accompany the name change.

In a typical day, the average modern person is exposed to over 5000 ads per day. It has become a challenge to attract people at events, exhibitions, or in public spaces.

Campfire helps you highlight your brand with a wide range of entertaining and engaging interactive games.

Discover Campfire

We hope you enjoy the new NUITEQ and our products, and we thank you and especially our partners for their continuous support.


NUITEQ® is a collaborative software company that enables teams, organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to add value through smarter human interaction.

As a pioneer in the collaborative software world, NUITEQ believes anyone can participate, exchange, learn, and get inspired by smarter human interaction with no digital boundaries.

The company offers its customers collaborative software and adapted content in order to improve and increase the value in human interactions.

Its award-winning software solutions maximize the use of any multi-touch touchscreen with fully independent zones that can be used simultaneously. Customers in over 70 countries have chosen NUITEQ.

For more information, visit www.nuiteq.com.

NUITEQ® and Natural User Interface® are registered trademarks of Natural User Interface Technologies AB in Sweden, EU, and the USA.