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New FREE Snowflake MultiTeach® training available


Did you hear about the award-winning Snowflake MultiTeach that is making learning and teaching more fun, engaging and memorable? Wondering what it exactly is and how can it can benefit you?

  • Are you a teacher who has MultiTeach on your classroom’s touch screen?
  • Or are you a sales representative who is interested to learn which MultiTeach capabilities will help you to sell more touch screens?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you came to the right place.

We, at NUITEQ®, want to help teachers and sales representatives to empower themselves, by learning more about the software. This is why we just launched the MultiTeach training.

Two training series are available:

  • The MultiTeach series, designed to help you provide demonstrations of the MultiTeach software.

In the six modules of this series, you will learn how to access and use the software, which will help you to demonstrate how MultiTeach can support effective teaching and learning practices in today’s classroom.

After successfully completing this series, you will be able to use key features of MultiTeach and demonstrate them to others.

  • The Lessons series, designed to help you understand the different lesson types found in MultiTeach and Lessons Online. The series is divided into four modules.

In the four modules of this series, you will learn all the ins and outs of the MultiTeach software so that you can minimize lesson planning time and focus on teaching.

This series will cover: how to easily create lessons using the 15 lesson types available in MultiTeach, how to take advantage of the free content available on the MultiTeach Lessons Community and how to use the Lessons Online environment.

After successfully completing this series, you will be able to use the key capabilities of the MultiTeach software with ease.

The training is FREE and can be accessed right now, by clicking the button below!

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