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Multitouch software Snowflake Business video tutorial Nodes

Nodes is used as a collaborative tool in board and meeting rooms to improve productivity

Does your company want to create engaging and memorable presentations for customers, resellers and partners in your corporate board and meeting rooms?

Does your company want to make decision making more time and cost efficient when it comes to creative processes such as brainstorming, conceptualising and strategic planning? Don't most companies?


We built a new app out of frustration.


We built a new collaborative multi-touch app, because we felt that there were no other apps out there, that are able to do what we wanted them to do. Many companies, just like NUITEQ, face the same challenges and problems, when it comes to interactions in meeting rooms. So we are happy that we created a tool, that we are using ourselves as well. And as we further develop this application, we would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve it.

This exciting new tool that I'm talking about, is now part of the latest version of Snowflake Business, collaboration software for touchscreens in corporate board and meeting rooms.

It solves the problem of lengthy, unorganised, time & cost inefficient meetings, when it comes to creative processes, such as brainstorming, conceptualising and strategic planning. It positively impacts the decision making process and attendee subject comprehension, as the tool can also be used for product and company presentations.

In this video tutorial, we explain how to use the Nodes app in Snowflake Business.

Multitouch software Snowflake Business for touchscreens in board and meeting rooms - tutorial from multitouch software on Vimeo.

For more info about Snowflake Business, please visit nuiteq.com/snowflake/software/business/

Or you can download a free trial of Snowflake Business here:

Download Snowflake Business 4.8