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Multitouch and education is red hot, another acquisition in the interactive space

In addition to NUITEQ having raised nearly 1 MUSD venture capital earlier in 2015, there have been significant investments and acquisitions in the multitouch space throughout the years, clearly highlighting the red hot interest in the interactive space, especially as of late.

The lastest acquisition, is the 157 MUSD merger of Planar with Leyard, a leading worldwide provider of LED display products.

You can find the article on Planars website here.

Earlier this year Microsoft acquired NUITEQ's partner, multitouch and pen technology company N-trig for a reportedly 30 million USD.

You can read that article here.

Also NetDragon recently acquired Promethean for 130 MUSD. (article here)

Funding To VC-Backed Education Technology Startups Soars 96%

Read the article here about 765 MUSD in funding across 80 deals.

Obviously we at NUITEQ are excited to see the validation of our industry and the technology by investors. We are particularly interested to see, that not only investments in touch technology are increasing, so are investments in education technology startups. Our touch technology, combined with our focus on education, puts us in an interesting position, as the market is growing and interest from investors is increasing.

Other acquisitions and investments
Smart purchases Nextwindow
3M, Intel and Promethean invest in Flatfrog
Microsoft acquired Perceptive Pixel
Motorola acquired Sensitive Objects
Google purchased Bumptop