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MultiTeach® supports the first hi-tech classroom in Washington County

With the advancements of technology in the educational sector, more and more schools are convinced that technology is the future of education and a great way to improve learning processes and students outcomes.

Many schools wish to integrate technology in their classrooms and some seem to be successful in doing so. One recent example is the Ridgeview Elementary, who created the first hi-tech demonstration classroom in Washington County, USA.
The hi-tech classroom uses a multitouch touchscreen provided by NUITEQ’s partner Clear Touch Interactive and runs the Swedish designed Snowflake MultiTeach® educational software.

You can read the entire story and watch the videos here and here.

We are proud to see that our educational touch screen software MultiTeach® plays an important role in today’s hi-tech classrooms around the world and we applaud Washington County’s new Director of Schools, Kimber Halliburton, who took the initiative of integrating technology into schools.

If you also want to improve teaching and learning at your school by integrating technology, test MultiTeach® now by downloading the 14 days free trial!

Snowflake MultiTeach