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Make Learning Fun This Groundhog Day With Interactive Activities

A well-known tradition typically celebrated in Canada and the United States, Groundhog Day is observed by students of all ages.

But fear not! Students worldwide can participate in the Groundhog Day ceremony this February 2nd, thanks to NUITEQ’s Global Content Department. Our teachers have created a variety of fun lesson activities to increase classroom engagement.

Groundhog Day originates from the belief that if a groundhog emerges from its burrow and sees its own shadow, it will retreat to its den and winter will persist for six more weeks. If, however, the groundhog doesn’t see its shadow because of cloudiness, spring will arrive early. 

Though there is no proven correlation, the tradition remains popular in classrooms around the world, and this year should be no exception! 

Consider engaging your students with these interactive Snowflake lesson activities that you can use in your existing curriculum:

PythagoreanTheorem TheGroundhog

GroundhogDay GroundhogDayWriting

These Groundhog Day ready-made lesson activities can be used to fit into any lesson plan. 

How do I get the lesson activities?

Access the NUITEQ Snowflake lesson activities for FREE on snow.live. Click the images above, sign in, and start using them.

Not yet a snow.live member? Sign up for the free trial!

How can I use the lesson activities?

When you have a NUITEQ account, you and your students can use them on any device, such as a touchscreen, laptop, Chromebook, or tablet with an internet connection. Just press play to begin.

If your classroom uses technology such as interactive screens, download the lesson activities from snow.live to your computer and use them in Snowflake on your classroom's large touchscreen display. Open the Lesson Activities app and import the lesson activity you want to use.

If you want access to other ready-made lesson activities, browse snow.live, request them on Facebook, on Twitter, or email us at mail@nuiteq.com.

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