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Lessons Online: How to Create Classes and Add Students


In this video tutorial, NUITEQ's Learning Experience Designer, Lynn Marentette, demonstrates how teachers can create classes and add students in Lessons Online.

This video reviews the process of creating classes and adding students in Lessons Online. COPPA regulations are reviewed at the beginning of the video. It shows how new classes can be created from previously created class rosters from CSV files or from Google Classroom. It also covers how to create new students, how to add students to existing classes, and how to add students who do not have email addressed to classes.

About Lessons Online

The Lessons Online active learning ecosystem is a fun educational software created to help improve the educational outcomes and performance of students, teachers, and schools.

Lessons Online assists by better engaging students during instruction, allows teachers to give homework worth doing and helps reduce lesson-planning time.

The software allows students and teachers to easily and quickly create engaging curriculum specific lessons with relevant content, on any device, anywhere, and anytime.

It also connects to a learning ecosystem for content, classroom management, and formative assessment.

Access Lessons Online here: lessons.nuiteq.com.


NUITEQ is the pioneer of multitouch software solutions for education, enterprise, and entertainment. NUITEQ maximizes the use of any multitouch touchscreen with fully independent zones that can be used simultaneously. Its educational software empowers expressive learning through memorable digital storytelling. NUITEQ provides a safe environment for providing authentic feedback in collaborative settings. Its award-winning Snowflake software is used in over 70 countries.

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