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Last week's EdTech news roundup - Week 18, 2018

Last week's education and EdTech news stories focus on ACM CHI, one of the worlds largest human-computer interaction events. In the following videos, our director of Strategy, Dr, Edward Tse, shares his experience at the conference.

Reflections on ACM CHI 2018!

Dr. Edward Tse shares some thoughts on the presentations and CHI 2018 papers. He talks about Christian Rutter's OK Cupid data and what that tells us about attractiveness bias, how Facebook is used to support a bartering economy in Venezuela, how Twitter is used like chat during times of crisis and afterward for recognition. 

Ok Cupid’s 💕 Christian Rudder and Demos at CHI 2018 in Montreal!

Sue Gardner 📰 on Democracy ☑️ at CHI 2018 in Montreal Canada

Wikimedia Foundation's Sue Gardner discusses how Social Media and the attention economy are impacting democracy at CHI 2018 in Montreal. Dr. Edward Tse looks at industry and researcher perspectives at CHI, attends a performance from Choir Choir Choir, and interviews the winners of the CHI video showcase.

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