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Last week's EdTech news roundup - Week 16, 2018

Here are 3 of the latest education and EdTech news stories from last week, as told by our Director of Strategy, Dr, Edward Tse:

Best EdTech 🎒 Ideas 💡 from ACM 🔬 CHI 2018!

The biggest research conference in the education field, ACM CHI, takes place between 21-26 April in Montreal, Canada. About 4000 works will be presented during the conference. Dr. Edward Tse sorted through all of the video previews (there were a lot :)) to find the EdTech ideas with the most creative potential for telling stories.

Future Careers 🏢 for CS Students👩‍🎓

Students, Professors, and Industry professionals share their views about what is important for future careers for Computer Science 🔬 students in this panel discussion.

How the Facebook Data Scandal impacts EdTech

Dr. Edward Tse shares his views on the Facebook Data Scandal and its impact on Educational Technology. This issue matters because it affects anyone who uses a social media platform.

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