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Keep Students Engaged With Poll Student Response System

POLL (1).png

We recently added Poll, a student response system to Lessons Online, our cloud based Online Learning Suite, that makes education more fun.

With this new polling software for classrooms, teachers can challenge students on their knowledge in a fun and engaging way during class sessions. Students have a great time and are able to demonstrate what they learned during class. Their responses give teachers a quick bird’s-eye view of how well they understood the material, allowing them to adjust instruction accordingly.

The purpose of on-the-fly polling is to allow teachers to make small adjustments in their instruction on-the-spot, or take a few minutes to reteach something that most of the students didn’t understand.

Poll is also a great tool that is used for training to interact with audiences.

In the above video, NUITEQ’s Director of Strategy Dr. Edward Tse provides a demonstration of how teachers can use the Poll capability in Lessons Online.

Teachers can access Lessons Online with a Snowflake MultiTeach license to create a Poll. You can simply login to Lessons Online using your Snowflake account, which can be created at account.nuiteq.com.

Students don’t need a Lessons Online account to use the Poll. Students simply can go to the website ansr.it and enter the 4 digit code that they receive from the teacher.

It's easy to launch a live text or choice poll in your classroom using Poll. You don't need to install any apps on your phone or computer and you can even add emojis to your text responses, which is a great opportunity for students to creatively express themselves.

Poll in a nutshell:

  • Easy to access short URL for students ansr.it
  • No software installation or plug-ins required
  • Browser/cloud based
  • Easy access on any device (including personal devices), any time, anywhere
  • Measure student performance and training
  • Different Poll modes: multiple choice, Yes/No, open text and emojis
  • Support for multiple questions in one Poll
  • Remote access: participants in a Poll don’t need to be in the same location
  • Ability to add a time limit to each question

Try the new Poll in your classroom today. Access it through Lessons Online by clicking the button below:

 Lessons Online