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How to Play and Create a Bugs Lesson Step-By-Step


The above video demonstrates how to play and create a Bugs lesson, and how to use related features of Lessons Online, Snowflake MultiTeach, and the MultiTeach® Lessons Community. It was designed to be the first in the series of step-by-step videos about the Lessons App in Lessons Online and in Snowflake MultiTeach.

The Bugs Lesson Type

Bugs is a multimedia lesson type that can support learning concepts across many levels and subject areas. It can be used for whole class presentation, individual practice, as well as paired and group activities in which students interact with the screen simultaneously, in collaboration with one another.

Students are provided a question, problem, or challenge that appears at the top of the screen. For each round, the bugs are randomly distributed on the screen and start wandering around. The response cards on the back of the Bugs can display text, images and text, images only, or video. Students tap the bugs when they think they are correct. If correct, a green check appears on the Bug, if incorrect, a red x. The Bug then is removed from the round.

Once the correct bugs are selected, the round ends. Feedback regarding the correct and incorrect responses is displayed at the end of the round. The Bugs lesson supports multiple rounds of play, and each round can represent a different challenge.

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