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How to MultiTeach®: Introduction to Snowflake MultiTeach® Nodes App

The Snowflake MultiTeach® Nodes application is an interactive collaborative tool that can be used by teachers and students for concept mapping, brainstorming ideas with digital content, and presentations. The Nodes app's multi-modal features can support teaching and learning across all subject areas.

  • Teachers can use digital content to Nodes to create concept maps for their students to explore and discuss, using rich multimedia content such as photos, diagrams, text, and standard-aligned informational documents and educational video clips.
  • The concept-mapping underpinnings and interaction design of Nodes supports two or more students working together. Student-created digital content can be easily imported into the application. This is ideal for problem-based learning assignments, as well as for extended projects.
  • The Nodes application can be used to support a number of pedagogical strategies. For example, it is ideal for using as an advanced organizer to introduce students at the beginning of a lesson or a longer instructional unit.
  • Nodes is especially powerful when used along with other Snowflake MultiTeach® apps such as Presenter and the various Lesson App types. 

 In the example below, the Snowflake MultiTeach® Nodes and Presenter applications are running in Zones, allowing students to interact with multiple representations of subject-matter content.



Below is an example of Nodes and the Scramble lesson app, running in Zones, to support learning of subject-matter vocabulary.



In the following example, Nodes is used along with a Drop lesson to provide students multiple ways of exploring subject-matter concepts.




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