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How Mystery Classroom Activities Engage Students

A Gallup poll of 3000 students in the US found that only 32% of 11th graders said they felt engaged in schools. Many students don't have any engagement issues solving complex problems like those in an escape room. Can we take the mystery classroom concept and bring it into schools while still making sure that learning and reflection are happening?

In the above video, NUITEQ's VP of Strategy and Content, Dr. Edward Tse, talks to Adam Bellow, Co-founder of Breakout EDU, and Tisha Richmond, Tech Integration Specialist at Make Learning Magical, to learn more about what can be done for children to be engaged in learning through escape and mystery type of educational content.

Mysteries, puzzles, and curiosity learning have always been a great way to get both students and teachers passionate about the curriculum. Students remember the assignments better if they treat them like a time-sensitive mission, a crime scene investigation, or a muckrakers piece of investigative journalism.

Looking for ideas that you can use in your classroom? The teachers working in the NUITEQ Global Content Department have created some fun investigative activities that you can try in your classroom for free:

Inventions of Ancient China

Guess Who? Muckrakers!

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