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History of Santa and Christmas Customs - Fun Interactive Lessons

Christmas is just around the corner and we know your hands are full of presents. There’s not much time for last minute lesson planning.

Therefore, we called our friends from the Arctic Circle - some small creatures called elves - to help us out with creating some awesome Christmas themed lessons.

They came up with the most fun lessons, and they even aligned them with Common Core State Standards (CCSS)!

Santa's Synonyms (Groups)


A Brief History Of Santa and Christmas Customs (Drop)


A Brief History of Santa: Christmas Customs Around the World (Scramble)


How do I get the lessons?

The lessons can be downloaded for FREE, from the MultiTeach® Lessons Community. Click the play button under each lesson and login to the community. You can then download the lesson to your computer.

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You can also find these lessons in Lessons Online, by typing the lesson title in the search field.

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How can I use the lessons?

If you’ve downloaded the lessons to your computer, you can use them in Snowflake MultiTeach, on your classroom’s large touchscreen display.

Open the Lessons app and import the lesson you want to use.

If you got the lessons in Lessons Online, you and your students can use them on any device, such as laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. Simply press play to begin.

Have fun!

If you want to get other ready-made lessons, browse the MultiTeach Lessons Community, request them in our Facebook group, on Twitter or email us at mail@nuiteq.com.