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Enterprise collaboration software Snowflake Business 5.4 released

Skellefteå, Sweden/Palo Alto, USA – August 22nd, 2017 - NUITEQ®, a world leader in collaborative touchscreen software solutions, announced today the launch of version 5.4 of its enterprise collaboration software suite Snowflake Business.

SFBE 5.4.png

Upgrade to Snowflake Business 5.4

New in this release:

  • Improved readability in the Zones app
  • File browser improvements

- We have implemented Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage in the file browser, which makes it easy to download your PDF's, Powerpoint files, videos, audio, Nodes projects, images and lessons from the cloud, wherever you are, whenever you want.

- In this latest version you can also login to both Google Drive as well as Dropbox from within the main Snowflake interface.

- Furthermore we have implemented a folder for any screen recordings you create. The screen recording functionality was added in the previous version of Snowflake and can be accessed via the corner menu. This feature is ideal for recording meeting sessions, so that they can be shared with colleagues or customers.

  • Improved the Nodes app

Nodes app

The Nodes app is great for group discussions, presentations, mindmapping and brainstorming. We have further improved the User Experience (UX), making it now even easier to create Nodes projects. The Nodes app now also has an enhanced autosave function, so that you will never loose the work progress that you made.

  • Content sharing improvements

Content in apps such as Media, PDF and Whiteboard can be shared with other computers that run Snowflake on the same network. We’ve further improved the UI to make it easier to quickly send content to multiple computers on the network at the same time.

  • Fixed Weather API widget
  • YouTube streaming in the Media app

In addition to watching YouTube videos in the Snowflake Browser app, you can now also use the Media app to stream YouTube videos. This feature makes your favourite video content easily accessible among all your other content.

  • Snowflake Remote improvements

Snowflake remote on iPhone

- Send content to the Media app from your personal device

When you send digital content, such as pictures and videos, from your mobile phone or tablet, to a large format display, the file will automagically open in the Media app. This allows you to use that content in a larger format, making this functionality great to present content to a group, make annotations on the content, or share it onto other displays.

- Receiving URLs

You can share websites from your mobile device, onto large format displays, using the share extension.

  • Added drag and drop support in the Browser app

By default when you make a pinch and zoom gesture in the Browser app, you zoom in and out of the webpage. We’ve now added the capability to enable the drag and drop function, that some websites support. You can easily enable this via the corner menu.

  • Language support

We’ve added translation support for Finnish.

You can check more information about Snowflake releases here.

Want to try out Snowflake Business 5.4? Get the new version below or use the updater that comes pre-installed with Snowflake Business, if you already have a previous version installed.

Snowflake Business 5.4