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Educational touchscreen software video tutorial

In this video tutorial we show you, how you as a teacher can customise the Words game in Lessons, which is a part of educational touchscreen software Snowflake MultiTeach.


Snowflake MultiTeach makes the interactive classroom experience truly multi-user and collaborative.

By using Snowflake MultiTeach, you ensure that you always have fresh, new and exciting content for your pupils to grab and keep their attention.

Snowflake MultiTeach is the multitouch software suite for interactive touchscreen classrooms in primary / elementary education.

The beauty of Lessons is that you as a teacher can easily and quickly create lessons/games with your own preferred custom content for whichever subject you wish, from geography to history and from spelling to science.

For more info about Snowflake MultiTeach, please visit nuiteq.com/multiteach/

You can also find more video tutorials here.

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