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Dr. Scott McLeod shares 4 big shifts in education in the EdTech Lounge

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We are excited and honored that NUITEQ’s Dr. ET has interviewed Dr. Scott McLeod in the EdTech Lounge.

Dr. McLeod is a leader, speaker, professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Colorado, Denver, and co-creator of the virally popular "Did you know? Shift Happens" video series.

He is the author of What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media, and his blog Dangerously Irrelevant helps educators grasp the new realities of our connected world.

In this video, featured on the #EdOnEdTech YouTube channel, Dr. Scott McLeod shares with us his thoughts on creativity and skills that are needed for the 21st Century, and also talks about the 4 big shifts in education:

- Higher level thinking

- Student agency

- Authentic work

- Digital citizenship.

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Dangerously Irrelevant Blog

Did you know? Shift Happens

Dr. McLeod's TED Video