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Discover the Math apps in Snowflake MultiTeach®

Snowflake MultiTeach® is a suite of over 30 collaborative apps and tools designed for multi-user interaction on touch screen displays and surfaces. This post, and the featured “how-to” video, provides an overview that will get you and your students up and running with the apps found in the Math category.

Math Bugs

math bugs.png

Math bugs is a fun way to help student develop math fluency skills and learn multiplication and division concepts.
The app supports two or more students working on a large display in front-of-class or tabletop mode. It also works nicely on other forms of touch screens. Students select a number and when the game starts, ladybugs start to crawl about the screen.

Students find and tap only the ladybugs that represent multiples of the selected number when the game is in multiplication mode. When division is selected, students tap ladybugs that are divisible by the selected number. If the selection is correct, a corresponding equation appears. If not, “incorrect” appears. At the end of a round, results are shown. As a reminder, the selected number appears near the edges of the screen.


Numbers app.png

The Numbers app is good for reinforcing basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. After an operation is selected, students are presented with horizontally-oriented math problems, and move numbered balloons into boxes, so that their combined values are equal to the answer in the rightmost box. If the response is correct, the number in the box glows green. If not, the box will display the incorrect number with the correct number, and the student can try again.

The equation boxes can be moved to any place on the screen, making this app ideal for use by two or more children at the same time on a front-of-class display. The Numbers app also works well when the screen is divided into zones and paired with other math apps or teacher-created math lessons.


Count app.png

The Count app is a fun way for young children to work on basic counting and matching skills. Directions are given at the beginning of each of the three rounds

Students count the number of items in picture cards, and then drag them to the corresponding numeral on the screen. After all cards are placed, correct items will give off a green glow, and the incorrect items will glow red. The student can try again, as the app supports self-correction. Feedback is given at the end of each round, and when all rounds are completed, there is an option to play again.

The Count app works with well when paired with other math apps and teacher-made lessons using the Zones feature of Snowflake MultiTeach. It also works well when paired with off-the-screen counting activities.

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division


These four apps support math fluency skills for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students drag numbered items to the correct spots to complete equations. There are ten rounds for each of these apps. After a round is completed, feedback is provided. Correct items will give off a green glow, and incorrect items will glow red. The students have the opportunity to self-correct.

As with other apps in Snowflake MultiTeach, these apps support two or more students working together and work well when presented in Zones with related math apps or teacher-made math lessons.



Squares is a teaching aid designed to help students explore addition, multiplication, division, and related number patterns. The numbers in the grid can be colored by touching them, after selecting a color beneath the grid. The grid can be presented in 10 X 10 and 12 X 12 formats. The colors on the grid can be cleared by selecting a reset button.
One example for using this grid is to have more than one student select numbers in the grid that represent a multiple of a number, as a skip-counting task. Squares is good paired with other Math apps. For example, in the 10 X 10 grid format, it works well alongside multiplication or division apps or teacher-made lessons.



The Clock app is a fun way for students to learn how to tell time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour, and 20 minutes on an interactive analog clock. There are four levels of difficulty. As the student plays with the hands of the analog clock to respond to questions, the hands will provide hints through a glow. If a student places one of the hands in a slightly incorrect position, the hand will automatically move to the correct position.

Feedback is provided after each try. At the end of a round, the student is given the option to restart and play the round again, or return to the main menu and make a new choice.

The Clock app works well in Zones with related lessons found on the MultiTeach Lessons Community. This makes it a good choice for use on multi-touch front-of-class displays.



Snowdoku is NUITEQ’s version of sudoku, and provides several levels of difficulty. This game supports numerical reasoning skills. It is a fun way to get students to practice collaborative problem-solving skills, as more than one student can join in to solve a puzzle. If anyone is stuck, hints can be accessed, and the game can be reset.

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