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Discover Piano and Drums, The Music Apps in Snowflake MultiTeach®


In the above video tutorial we demonstrate how to use the Piano and Drums, the music apps in Snowflake MultiTeach®.

There are two interactive music apps that come with Snowflake MultiTeach, Piano and Drums. Each app can be played by more than one student at a time and provide a great way for students to explore music concepts.

The piano is a virtual synthesizer that comes loaded with piano, bass, and guitar. The app provides a double keyboard that can be played like an organ. The keyboards can be rotated, so that on a tabletop display, two students can play together, facing one another. Music can be recorded and played back by students.

The Drums app provides a fun and simple drum kit for students to explore beat patterns and various percussion sounds.

The Piano and Drum apps can be accessed individually or together in multiple zones, making them ideal for use as a digital music learning station. The Browser or YouTube apps can be displayed in one or more zone to provide students with access to instructional music videos, online sheet music, or lyrics. The recording feature in MultiTeach can be used to video record students’ musical explorations and collaborative performances. This combination of apps in MultiTeach is a good way to encourage creativity and collaboration among students.

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