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Clevertouch wins the Interactive Display Product of the Year award

Last Friday, the 30th of September 2016 was the 18th edition of the AV Awards. The AV Awards were established to recognise and reward excellence across the Audio Visual industry.

We’re proud to say that our long time UK Partner, Sahara Presentation Systems PLC won the Interactive Display Product of the Year with the Clevertouch V-series touchscreen.


Clevertouch is well known for its high performance and overall stability within the education sector.

We at NUITEQ® are proud that the Clevertouch V-series touchscreens come bundled with our Snowflake MultiTeach® collaboration software for classrooms.


We congratulate our partner, Sahara Presentation Systems PLC. We are exciting to see the impact that their touchscreens have on the market together with our Snowflake software.

See you next year AV Awards!

Want to test out the Snowflake MultiTeach® software? Download the 14 days FREE trial: 

Snowflake MultiTeach 5.0