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Accessing Interactive Lessons Aligned With Your Curriculum Has Never Been This Easy

We’re excited to present the latest updates in the MultiTeach Lessons Community®, the place for interactive lessons that connects teachers everywhere.

In the MultiTeach Lessons Community, you can find and download 10000s of lessons created by teachers all over the world and even share your own. Use these fun and engaging lessons with your classrooms interactive display, in Snowflake MultiTeach, or online, using Lessons Online.

Access ten thousands of interactive lessons now

New in the MultiTeach Lessons Community

  • New content for California, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and other states

Lynn Marentette, NUITEQ Learning Experience Designer, and a US native added new lessons that align with curriculum standards for the respective states. To access them, simply search your state in the search field. All the related lessons will appear on the results page.

Content for more states is currently being created and is added daily.

  • New lesson type Bugs

A new lesson type, Bugs was added to the existing 15 lesson type templates, a lesson creator can choose from. 

  • Search for keywords on the MultiTeach Lessons Community, related for example to specific state standards like Common Core

Adding up to 30 keywords to any lesson is now possible through the keyword field (while editing a lesson). Once a lesson has keywords attached to it, use the search field in the MultiTeach Lessons Community to quickly find the lessons associated with your keyword.

  • Ability to share lessons from the MultiTeach Lessons Community depending on the chosen filter in the menu

Filter lessons by age group, subject, lesson type, and country, copy the resulting URL from your browser and share it with anyone.

  • Logging in to the MultiTeach Lessons Community with Lessons Online student accounts

Access lessons from the MultiTeach Lessons Community today:

MultiTeach Lessons Community 

For more information check out our Support Page.


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