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A teacher’s guide for the Einstein lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®


Einstein icon

What it does

Einstein is a lesson type designed for two or more students. Students drag pictures or word cards placed randomly in the center of the screen, to a target question card - one for each player- located at the edge of the screen.

After one round is completed, students advance to the next round.

Each round has a time limit that can be pre-set.

Good for

  • Previewing and reviewing subject matter content, facts
  • Developing academic fluency
  • Vocabulary development, classification, categorization
  • Ideal for 2-4 students.

Also supports

Associative learning, recall, visual thinking, peer interaction, following instruction
Teachers can align questions/tasks and content to specific curriculum standards and objectives.

Works well with

In Zones:

  • Presenter
  • Nodes
  • Educational video clips
  • Educational PDFs.

Other lesson types that represent the same or similar educational content/concepts:

  • Cards
  • Match
  • Guess (for content-related vocabulary development and review)
  • Scramble (for content-related vocabulary development and review).


An Einstein lesson type can be easily converted into the following lesson types:

  • Groups: in the Manage Content section, move content under correct headings and delete duplicates. Add text as needed.
  • Match: type in labels for content in the Manage Content screen; delete duplicates.
  • Spinner: delete duplicates, type in text if needed.

Find out more

You can learn more about the Einstein lesson type in the Snowflake MultiTeach user manual. Access the dedicated Einstein page here.
Alternatively, check out the Einstein lesson type video.

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