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A First Work Experience With NUITEQ®


Today’s job market is tough. To succeed and stand-out from the multiple applications a company may receive, job-seekers must be proactive and innovative. But that doesn’t suffice. Most of the time, employers ask for experience and proof that the candidate can get the job done.

It can be difficult for young candidates that enter the job market to demonstrate their experience.

In Sweden, the system and companies are requested to help young candidates. Secondary school students are required to do internships in the kind of companies they see themselves working at in the future. During these internships, they can get a better idea of what a job implies, if it’s a fit for them, and gain some of the work experience required to enter the job market.

At NUITEQ®, we believe an internship is a career’s foundation, and we often welcome students to intern with us. We want them to have a real-world experience that can help them out later on in their life. For us, it’s a way of giving back to our community and support young people who have the same interests as we do.

This past week, we had Oskar Karlsson from the Lejonströmsskolan, Skellefteå, Sweden interning at NUITEQ’s HQ. During his stay here he learned about programming in Scratch and Javascript. In addition to having created a shooter game in Scratch, Oskar also helped with finding and reporting software bugs, as Quality Assurance is an essential part of any Software Engineers work.

Oskar&#x27;s Scratch project 
Oskar’s Scratch coded shooter game

IMG_5858-019211-edited-527337-editedI chose NUITEQ because after looking up and reading about different programming companies, NUITEQ was the one I believed I´d get to try to actually program. And I did get to program, in Scratch and I also got to learn about Javascript, that I’ve never tried before. I've gained more knowledge in programming and learned it’s really fun and fascinating.”, says Oskar.

Oskar is now just 15 years old. Next year he’ll go to the gymnasium where he will study science with programming orientation.

Harry-1-807738-editedNUITEQ is all about learning and self-development, so we love to work with youngsters that can combine that, together with a passion for technology. We strongly believe in 21st-century learning and preparing students for the workspace of the future. We think software and programming skills will play an even more important role in our society in the years to come, so we are glad to be able to offer these kinds of opportunities to our forward-thinking local community in Skellefteå.”, says NUITEQ’s CEO and co-founder Harry van der Veen.

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