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A Christmas Lesson Plan To Remember

HO HO... HOld on tight, while this Christmas lesson plan takes you and your students on a magical journey full of whistles, bells, and age-old traditions.

counting lesson (1)  christmas vocabulary lesson (1)  

origins of Christmas lesson  Christmas in Sweden lesson    

This Christmas lesson plan helps to:

  • teach or review the history of Christmas
  • teach or review Christmas-related vocabulary
  • teach or review counting

Each lesson is similar to a fun game that engages children and helps them to learn and remember the history, customs, and traditions of Christmas.

Children will use the concepts learned with the help of the video to solve the interactive exercises related to it.

How do I get the lessons?

You can download the lessons from theMultiTeach® Lessons Community. Click the images above and then you can download the lesson to your computer.

You can also find these lessons on Lessons Online, by typing “Christmas” or their title in the search field.

Search Christmas lessons in LO

How can I use the lessons?

If you’ve downloaded the lessons to your computer, you can use them in Snowflake MultiTeach®, on your classroom’s large touchscreen display.

Open the Lessons app and import the lesson you want to use.

Import christmas Lessons in SFMT

When you have access to the lessons in Lessons Online, you and your students can use them on any device, such as a touchscreen, laptop, Chromebook™ or tablet with an internet connection. Just press play to begin.

If you want access to other ready-made lessons, browse the MultiTeach Lessons Community, request them in our Facebook group, on Twitter or email us at mail@nuiteq.com.

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