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5 Most Popular Lesson Activities For Students of All Ages

NUITEQ Snowflake is an award-winning educational technology software solution that is transforming the classroom into an active learning environment that facilitates a more student-centric approach. Designed to empower educators, reduce lesson planning time, and offer the tools needed for personalized learning, here are the 5 most popular Snowflake activities for your classroom.

5. Coding Vocabulary

What do computers, smartphones and cars all have in common? Coding. Consider teaching your classroom about the basics of coding with the help of this Snowflake lesson activity. Great for teaching your students about coding vocabulary and inspiring an understanding of the world of automation, this ‘Guess’ lesson activity can be used in your existing curriculum. Created using ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) standards, this particular lesson involves an understanding of basic terminology related to computer coding, the ISTE standard of Computational Thinking. With a focus on introducing operations and functions vocabulary in an effort to move the abstract idea of "coding," to a more tangible concept, this lesson activity is suitable for students aged 13-15.

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4. Friends that make 10

This fun lesson activity will help teach your students about basic mathematical abilities. This ‘Bugs’ Snowflake lesson activity is great for students aged 6-7 and can be used in your existing lesson plan to help teach your classroom about math in a simple yet entertaining way. Encourage students to pick the two bugs in each round that are equal to 10 when added together. Use this lesson activity to help students improve their addition and later on, subtraction skills.

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3. Editable Student Spinner with 25 Names

It’s no wonder this Snowflake lesson activity is one of the most popular ones! This ready-made activity can be edited and used repeatedly. You can use this ‘Student Spinner’ with 25 names to randomly pick your students. Fun, colorful and interactive, this 'Spinner' activity allows teachers to call on students randomly and even allows you to set it to remove a segment once it has been chosen. A great way to retain your students' attention because they will never know when they may be picked! This particular lesson activity can be used with students aged 3-5.

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2. Would You Rather... Fun Discussion Questions

This fun and engaging Snowflake lesson activity is a great icebreaker and is guaranteed to get your students talking! With questions ranging from choosing between which animal they’d rather be to imagining life with a certain superpower, this lesson activity includes three rounds of six separate ‘Would You Rather’ questions that can be played by flipping over the cards and reading each question one by one. Designed to help students become more comfortable with talking in class and sharing their opinions, this lesson activity helps to build comfort and community in the classroom as there are no right or wrong answers. It can also be expanded upon to encourage students to think critically about their own opinions by following up with "why" questioning. It is also a great way to give students a brief "brain break" to move them out of their seats, giving them a chance to reset before transitioning to the next activity. Great for students aged 8-9.

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1. The "talk and walk" game

Created by one of NUITEQ’s verified teachers, this Snowflake lesson activity is ideal for students aged 10-12. As the most played activity on snow.live, this first day of school icebreaker is a great way to allow students to get to know each other a bit more. Encourage your students to spin the wheel and pair up to discuss each question. Students can take turns answering questions and choosing new partners. This lesson activity is a great tool to engage your classroom as it merges technology with social interaction. This Snowflake lesson activity allows students to speak about their values and fears and encourages them to recognize similarities they may share with their peers. With a focus on building relationships and collegiality among peers, it's no wonder this is the highest ranking activity. 

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How do I get the lesson activities?

Access the NUITEQ Snowflake lesson activities for FREE on snow.live. Click the images above, sign in, and start using them.

Not yet a snow.live member? Sign up for the free trial!

How can I use the lesson activities?

When you have a NUITEQ account, you and your students can use them on any device, such as a touchscreen, laptop, Chromebook, or tablet with an internet connection. Just press play to begin.

If your classroom uses technology such as interactive screens, download the lesson activities from snow.live to your computer and use them in Snowflake on your classroom's large touchscreen display. Open the Lesson Activities app and import the lesson activity you want to use.

If you want access to other ready-made lesson activities, browse snow.live, request them on Facebook, on Twitter, or email us at mail@nuiteq.com.

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