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Video tutorial Snowflake MultiTeach, the multitouch software for interactive classrooms - Zones

In this video tutorial we cover an industry unique tool called Zones, which is part of Snowflake MultiTeach, the multitouch software suite for interactive classrooms in primary education.

Zones is a truly multi-user multitouch tool that allows teachers and students to split their interactive canvas in multiple areas. This gives them the ability to use multiple applications simultaneously without it interrupting the workflow of other users.

Zones works very well in combination with the 180 degree flip feature in Snowflake MultiTeach, which allows users to spin their canvas 180 degrees, so that it is ideally aimed towards the location of their preference.

A typical scenario where this could be used in, is a tabletop setting, where multiple students are located around the display.

You can access Zones via the corner menu in Snowflake MultiTeach. The 180 degree interface flip option can be found in the corner menu of each individual app.

For more info about Snowflake MultiTeach, please visit http://nuiteq.com/multiteach/