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NUITEQ participates in Tech Incubator program in Silicon Valley

NUITEQ is privileged to have been selected as one of only 10 Nordic companies to participate in the TINC program.


TINC is a four-week intensive tech incubator program held in Silicon Valley. The goal is to provide technology startups crucial knowledge and experience to achieve higher growth – faster and with less risk. The program is offered to Norwegian and Swedish technology start-ups with ambitions and potential for international growth.

TINC is developed by Innovation Norway in collaboration with Norwegian technology startups, investors, and Silicon Valley industry professionals and is designed to ensure you are prepared for the most competitive technology market.

Silicon Valley is the epicenter for technological advances and where companies come to start, grow and thrive. With a dense population of world leading technology firms, top industry advisors and mentors, venture capitalists, partners and customers, many Nordic tech firms establish roots in Silicon Valley to grow their business.

Suitcase packed and ready to go.

In January NUITEQ's Global Business Development Manager Dennis Mohi and I already visited Silicon Valley for 1,5 week, as part of the Born Global program, so this the second trip to California in short succession. You can read more about that January trip here.

A quick whiskey at the airport, before the flight, to take the edge off ;)

After a smooth flight from Skellefteå, to Stockholm, Copenhagen and San Francisco, I arrived in Palo Alto last Saturday.

The course would start on Monday, so I had a day to recover from my jetlag.

What immediately hit me was the gorgeous weather and the beautiful American houses. Something else that stands out are the squirrels, the nice cars and the long car cues in the morning.

Breakfast for champions.

On Sunday I walked around my neighborhood and of course as a tech nerd, I had to pass by Steve Jobs' house, which was only a few streets away from where I stay.

Then I headed over to the world famous HP garage, where it all started for them.

I love these trees, so exotic.

Monday first day at the Nordic Innovation House, meeting the TINC organizers and fellow entrepreneurs in the program.

I sneaked out during my 1,5 lunch break to take a 45 min powernap to kill off the jetlag a bit, which worked great :)

Workshop on Storytelling with our mentor Nathan Gold and a briefing on whats to expect in the upcoming 4 weeks. Afterwards we had some beer and pizza during the mingle.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.06.26
On Tuesday it was time to head over to Stanford for a Lean Startup workshop. Hi Mom, I'm studying at Stanford ;)

Great Lean startup workshop by Ryan Maccarrigan and Tristan Kromer.

World domination starts with Post-it notes ;)

Relaxing lunch break in the park at the Stanford campus.

The Swedish Minister of Enterprise & Innovation Mikael Damberg dropped by during the workshop to hear more about the companies in the TINC program.

Late afternoon we went back to the Nordic Innovation House to meet several of our world-class mentors, that will support us during this program.

After the informal meeting with the mentors, we had some drinks and amazing Chinese food.

TINC is taking good care of us ;)

Until now it has been great to experience the innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit here in the Valley. The people here are very supportive, trying to help each other out. Most people are in involved in tech, so an interesting chat with a random person is literally around the corner. 80% of the people here are immigrants, so its an interesting mix of nationalities.

I'll be posting more about my Silicon Valley journey as we go.