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New version released of interactive multitouch screen software Snowflake MultiTeach for classrooms

We are stoked to let you know, that we have just released a new version of Snowflake MultiTeach, the multi touch screen software for classrooms, that improves educational outcomes for teachers, pupils and schools.

Just on a side note, if you want to learn more about our cool Lessons app, which is part of Snowflake MultiTeach, go have a look here. You can also find Lessons video tutorials there.


Below you find the complete change log / release notes of Snowflake MultiTeach 4.7.1:

- Added Mac support
- Added randomising to Einstein and Animals
- Added the animated candy theme to Lessons
- Added the animated jungle theme to Lessons
- Added more animals to Puzzles
- Added Icelandic translations to Lessons
- Added a play button to play videos fullscreen
- Made the canvas in Lessons more zoomable so that content can be more visible in the back of the classroom
- Made many improvements to Lessons
- Made fixes and improvements to Puzzles, Numbers, Math bugs, Timeline, Squares, Habitat, Draw, Match, Clock and Spelling
- General improvements and fixes


Find the long list of all improvements in almost 8 years of Snowflake history in the change logs / release notes here.

You can download Snowflake MultiTeach here.

Here's one of our latest Snowflake MultiTeach Lessons video tutorials, showing how teachers can add their own custom content to the Tags app, to educate their pupils about whichever subject they wish, from Grammar to Spelling and from Geography to Maths.

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