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Did you know? - Week 12

Did you know that children are more focused & engaged in a classroom when using Snowflake MultiTeach?

Did you know that the Lessons app in Snowflake MultiTeach, has a help function in the corner menu?

Did you know that Snowflake Business has 13 widgets available for its home screen? http://wiki.nuiteq.com/tiki-index.php?page=Widgets

Did you know that in the Media app of Snowflake Business, you can add content on the fly, via the corner menu?

Did you know that via the Zones app in Snowflake, you can launch multiple apps at the same time? Ideal for true multi-user collaboration.

Did you know that Snowflake has a screensaver mode, ideal for inactive screen usage periods, to show dynamic content.

Did you know that you can easily flip the Snowflake interface 180 degrees via the option in the corner menu? Ideal for multi-user scenarios.