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Snowflake's Interactive Photobooth for Tupperware - by Intus

Recently the brand Tupperware was at the front and centre of the annual event "Stars Convention" in Cancun Quintana Roo, Mexico. The event brought together more than 2,500 guests from all over the country.

NUITEQ's Mexican partner Intus was on location, delivering an interactive multitouch display with a custom developed version of the Interactive Photobooth, which is a part of NUITEQ's award-winning multitouch software platform Snowflake.

The solution allowed visitors to take pictures via the multitouch display and personalise those pictures in a fun and interactive way, with elements of the brand. In addition to printing photos, these creations could be in real time posted to the Tupperware Facebook Fan page, making this solution a creative, memorable and social experience, through multitouch technology.

This is a great example of how partners collaborate with NUITEQ, to create unique and memorable interactive brand awareness experiences for their customers.

You can visit the Intus website here.