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Multitouch software Snowflake MultiTeach (formerly ABC) 4.6 released


Yesterday we released multitouch software Snowflake 4.6 the Business and Entertainment Edition. More info about that release, you can find here.

Today we are happy to let you know, that we also released version 4.6 of the Education edition Snowflake MultiTeach, formerly known as Snowflake ABC.

One of the major parts of this release is, that we have rebranded Snowflake ABC to Snowflake MultiTeach. You can read more about the rebrand here.

Another great change is the compatibility of Snowflake Remote 2. You can read more about that, here.


Change log / release notes
The complete release notes for Snowflake MultiTeach 4.6, are listed below:

- Added compatibility with Snowflake Remote 2
- Added British English translations
- Added to support Annotate to send annotations to multiple email addresses at once
- Added a feature in the Presenter app to add files on the fly via a built in file browser
- Added a setting in the Configurator to enable/disable file browsing in the Presenter app and ability to choose a default start folder
- Added option in the Configurator to set a background image and background color for Stage
- Added option in the Configurator to change the corner menu graphics
- Added more functionalities under the F keys F1-F12
- Added Annotate settings to the Configurator
- Improved carbon menu interaction in Zones
- Simplified how to set the background image in Presenter via the Configurator
- Fixed a freeze with Zones with tile and grid menu in portrait mode
- Minor improvements to Configurator, Annotate, Draw, Presenter, Stage, Zones, translations, evaluation version
- General improvements and fixes

Find the long list of all improvements in over 7 years of Snowflake history in the change logs / release notes here.

You can download Snowflake MultiTeach here.

Request your temporary evaluation license key today, via mail@nuiteq.com.

Kind regards,