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Snowflake in interactive kids corner at Birmingham airport

A couple of weeks ago, together with my colleague Dennis, we were walking at Birmingham airport in the UK.

While on our way to our gate, we heard through the speakers "Interactive kids corner at Gate 54". And we thought, ow wow thats cool that 1) they have an interactive kids corner at this airport and 2) they regularly announce it through their speakers.


So we were keen to check it out, to see what it looked like, who had done the software etc. So while we headed over there, Dennis mentioned, "I think Sourcetech, one of our partners, installed several interactive tables here."

Funnily enough, this was indeed the case and the interactive tables were running Snowflake ABC. Snowflake ABC is often used in kids corners in retail spaces, museums, pre school / early learning situations as well as primary education.

Image: Snowflake ABC running on a Promultis multitouch table

Parents can leave their child in such an interactive kids corner and take the time to shop with peace of mind knowing that their children entertain themselves. Additionally parents can take their time to shop without feeling pressed on time, which brings value to the retailer through increased sales and at the same time it increases customer satisfaction.

Dennis was obviously happy to be able to play with Snowflake ABC ;)


Years ago, kids were playing with Lego and other toys in kids corners, in retail spaces and other public areas.

Today and in the future, kids play with interactive touch screens with engaging and fun content.

For more info about Snowflake ABC, please check this page here.

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