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Video tutorial: 13 Widgets for the Snowflake homescreen

In this video tutorial we discuss the widgets for the home screen of award-winning multitouch software Snowflake.

We cover the functionality of the widgets and in what kind of scenarios they can be used.

Video tutorial: 13 Widgets for the homescreen in multitouch software Snowflake from multitouch software on Vimeo.

Today, Snowflake has 13 widgets for you to choose from and the great thing is, these widgets can easily be enabled/disabled as well as customised via the Configurator that comes pre-installed with Snowflake.

The 13 Widgets include: Calculator, Clock. Foreign currency, Instagram, Video, Image, Slideshow, MyFeed, Text, Stocks, Twitter, Weather and World clock.

For more info about these widgets, please visit: wiki.nuiteq.com/tiki-index.php?page=Widgets

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