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Multitouch software Snowflake on Russian TV

In the past, Snowflake was seen on TV in amongst others France, Malta, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, Spain and a handful of other countries.

This time it was Russia's turn.

Thanks to our friends at Crasiis and SupremeTouch, Snowflake was seen on national TV.

See the clip below of multitouch software Snowflake Entertainment Plus in action.

I personally think that Crasiis' multitouch table is absolutely gorgeously designed, it looks amazing. Great job!

More info about Snowflake Entertainment Plus, you can find here. Request your free evaluation license key today via mail@nuiteq.com.

See also the below clip of world famous actors Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds playing around with Snowflake on Spanish prime time TV, trying to solve a video puzzle.

Snowflake offers the kind of quality, stability and performance that makes our partners and customers comfortable to use our product in high demand environments, with a lot of eyeballs, where failure is not an option.